This is How Blockchain Could Change Digital Marketing Forever

You’ve heard about blockchain. But how exactly could it impact the digital marketing industry?


Many people still confuse Blockchain with cryptocurrency when speaking on the business applications for Blockchain.  The technology behind Blockchain is what is starting to transform how we do business through the use of distributive ledgers and Smart Contracts, to name a few.  This is a good article which helps to apply the technology behind Blockchain to Marketing.

5 Deadly Sales Call Pitfalls


Another one note mentioned in this article is to not say, “Hi how are you today?” at the call opening,  This smacks of a sales call.  People are busy and just want to get down to the details of what benefit you can offer.  So first asking for permission to even take up there time is usually a good start.  Calling to ask to set a meeting for another time will also relax their natural defense mechanism that alerts them that a hard-sales tactic is just waiting to pounce on them.

Why Being Stuck In the Office Over the Holidays Is a Lucky Break |


Some of the best sales happen on Christmas Eve.  I remember sitting at my desk on Christmas Eve and dialing that same number I’d dialed 20 times before, expecting to get the Executive Assistant to the CEO, who would then gate-keep me out of speaking with the ultimate decision maker.  But alas, the EA took vacation time and the CEO was actually answering his own calls on Christmas Eve.  I snuck-in through this little open window and was able to start a relationship, which ended up winning a large account.  All because when everyone else said, “What’s the use, no one’s around during the Holidays…”, I chose to stick-it-out which paid off in dividends!  Great advice in this article.

What is a CRM Application and Why Should it be the Backbone of All Businesses

Even the smallest businesses are handling customer data in huge amounts. You may not even realise you’re doing it. That telephone call counts. That email. That click through to certain pages on your website. That’s before looking at the data being harnessed by each and every sales lead and prospect which is actively acted upon. This data is valuable – it tells you about your customer.


I have been extremely impressed with Hubspot CRM.  They have a free version which uses big data to populate all company information by using the domain name contained in the contacts business e-mail.  The Sales Pro version is only $40 per month and allows you to record calls to better monitor the sales process.  Using a CRM system is critical to properly managing the sales process.

How to nurture new vs. existing leads

Now that you’ve got your leads lined up, what’s next? Contributor Seth Price discusses how to segment brand-new from already existing leads so that you can build on those relationships and ultimately close more sales.


Taking a slow, measured approach with new leads is critical to helping them understand your value and remove the suspicion that they are part of some automated-machine that is spamming them.  By creating connections in hyper-focused segments, you can curate the communication approach to help the initial contact seem less sterile and more personal.

Here’s How to Increase Sales by Doing Less–And Why It’s So Effective

If you’re unhappy with your sales numbers, consider this odd but effective strategy.


As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we have helped clients generate millions in revenue by off-loading many of the Sales & Marketing roles.  By first creating a strategy to define a clear focus on a hyper-targeted segment and then executing a full umbrella of campaigns with a “Virtual Sales & Marketing Department” we helped one SaaS client triple revenue in 18 months.  As a Fractional CMO, we also helped another enterprise software client to generate more than $54 million in total contract value in less than 12 months.