The Geekification of B2B CMOs in 2018

How will marketers leverage technology in 2018? A group of CMOs sound off to Drew Neisser.


The line between CIO and CMO is getting blurred.  Understanding technology and using Big Data and analytics is key for CMOs to stay competitive.

Here’s what to expect for the near-future of digital marketing

Digital marketing is ever-changing. As once-effective desktop marketing strategies give way to a mobile-first mentality, marketers must push for ways to keep content fresh, authentic and effective. So what will the future of digital marketing entail? Where should marketers put their dollars best to work?


Digital marketing is going to see some major changes in the next 1-5 years.  A.I., Automation and machine learning will be the big ones to watch.  The term “A.I.” is used loosely here, since it is not truly A.I.  True A.I. would imply “awareness” which is still some time, further in the future, but the term has become fairly ubiquitous to mean “bots”, “automation”, or “machine learning”.

SPIN Selling

This a good video summary of the S.P.I.N. Selling method.


S.P.I.N. Selling is an acronym for a very effective sales process where you first seek to clearly understand customer issues and then communicate the value of the solution being sold as it relates to their problem.

An Alternative To High Pressure Selling!

We’ve all been subjected to high pressure selling tactics.  We see various forms of these high pressure or manipulative tactics, whether it’s the high pressure


If sales efforts are focused on showing the true value for a specific and urgent need, then closing will take care of itself.  There should never be a need to talk someone into buying.  Either they get it or they don’t.  It’s either a fit or it’s not.  Getting to “no” quickly and moving on is just as valuable as finding a fit with the right person.  Do not waste time with prospects that are not a great fit.  There is just too much other business out there, that there is no need to pressure someone into buying.

What Tech Startups Get Wrong About Sales

Conducting sales is much like conducting an orchestra: You need several players, each with their own talents and specialized roles.


Supporting one or two good sales people by hiring a Fractional CMO to create the right winning Sales & Marketing strategy prior to launching and then using on-demand talent and virtual teams, can increase success exponentially. 

When Deals Stall in the B2B Sales Pipeline

It’s very common and understandable for B2B sales reps, sales management and the management team to become frustrated if the end of the quarter approaches and the forecast crashes and revenue targe…


Making sure people see the value and how the offering will help resolve their specific issue will not only get to “yes” more quickly, it will get the prospect to ask, “what are our next steps together?”.